Upset businesswoman standing behind bars in jail

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A Florida woman was recently arrested for making too many false charges of child abuse to the Florida Department of Children and Families, which were reportedly directed against two families. When asked why she made the multiple false child abuse charges, her reply reportedly was  “to create havoc.”

According to, Jessica Elizabeth Combee, 28, of Westville, Florida is charged with 28 felony counts of false child abuse reports, and is currently being held in the Holmes County Jail with a $28,000.00 bond.

“This is just one example of how people use the ‘system’ to carry out their agenda against whomever they felt has done them wrong,” said Bonifay Police Chief Chris Wells. (Source.)

While we frequently report abuses from within State run Child Welfare programs such as CPS, which can lead to innocent families being torn apart, we do want to acknowledge when a child welfare agency does the right thing and takes the time to prosecute someone who is falsely accusing families of child abuse.

As the testimony from the Bonifay Police Chief reveals, this is a common practice of how people abuse the child welfare system for their own agenda. We hope that more people will be prosecuted for abusing the system, including not just nosy neighbors or jealous family members, but medical personnel as well who take out their anger against parents who choose not to follow their medical advice, or want to seek a second medical opinion. Those doctors also deserve to be arrested and prosecuted for false charges.