Rengo family before CPS stepped in.

Brian Shilhavy
Health Impact News Editor

Commissioner Thomas Verge ruled Friday that Cleave and Erica could have their three babies back, after CPS had removed them from their home, as first reported by Health Impact News on our Medical Kidnap website.

The original story has been read by over 1.5 million people and shared on Facebook by over 1 million, creating a national outcry. It is but one of many stories we have covered at We get multiple requests every day from families begging us to publish their stories of “medical kidnap.”

If we had not picked up this story and published it on behalf of the parents who requested us to do so, would they be going home today with their children?

Judge Verge, in allowing the parents to have their children back, reportedly made several conditions, threatening the young couple that their children would be removed again if they did not comply with his directives.

According to the Bellingham Herald, the judge stated he was giving the young parents “a second chance.” Seemingly admitting that there was never any question of abuse directed towards the children, the judge proceeded to lecture the young couple on how they should raise their family, ordering them to comply to such details such as:

  • where they should live
  • how a husband should treat his wife
  • what they should feed their children
  • what kind of medical treatment they are allowed to use for their children

Is this really the function of family court and government-funded social services such as Child Protection Services?

This young couple, who consider themselves married because they exchanged their vows before God, but whom the media and others continually refer to as “unmarried” because they did not obtain government approval of their marriage by registering with them and obtaining a marriage license, never filed any complaint against one another in respect to their treatment of their children. And yet, their entire private life was made public before the world during their effort to get their children back.

Have we now come to the point in the United States of America, that if someone doesn’t like the way we choose to raise our children, or whether or not we agree with a doctor’s directive for basic medical care, even in situations that are not life threatening, that a simple call from a neighbor or disgruntled family member will result in losing one’s child and having to fight the Family Court system in order to get them back?

Apparently so. Welcome to the new America.

Because even though the judge and CPS stated in this case that having a home birth was not the issue, it apparently was for other relatives who did not take too kindly to the young couple having their twins born at home. Health Impact News has received numerous communications from angry anonymous acquaintances and family members stating that this couple did not deserve to have their children, and it was one of these who apparently called the paramedics the day the twins were born, and started the whole process that led to CPS removing these babies from their parents.

And this act of CPS removing young babies from their parents when there was no evidence of “imminent danger,” was praised by the judge, who called these CPS workers “heroes”:

Verge also chastised the couple for resisting CPS workers and for their hostility toward them.

“They did exactly what they should do,” he said, adding that they tried everything to help the family and were met by resistance. “Their lives are dedicated to children. They are not the enemy. They are the heroes.” (Source.)

What do you think? Are CPS workers really the “heroes” in this story?

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