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Health Impact News has just learned that Team Isaiah Facebook Page is reporting that the State of Illinois is transporting Isaiah Rider back to Chicago from Kansas City against his wish and the wish of his family. From the Team Isaiah Facebook Page last night (Thursday Dec. 4th):

Everyone call KC local media . Isaiah’s rights are being violated.. He is being taken back to Chicago against his will to a hospital who already couldn’t help him. He’s done no crime but he’s a victim and had crimes committed against him while in Chicago. He terrified and has stated “I don’t want to go back there” He will be deported like a criminal by ambulance tomorrow am at 6am for an 8-9 hr drive while in pain. He’s at St. Lukes North on Barry Rd in KC,MO. Isaiah told Kimberly Boone his counsel appointed by the state of IL his reasons and wishes. Cinncinatti childrens hospital has the expertise and think they can help Isaiah . They are taking him to University of Chicago who has already said they didn’t know how to help him. Call all media. Civil rights are being violated. Isaiah’s not a criminal. In Mo he’s considered an adult at age 17. Call local media tell them to go to the hospital, national media, people need to step in and help. This is traumatic for Isaiah and he’s already in a medical crisis .

After 16 days in a hospital for intractable pain Isaiah is now on an 8-9 hour ambulance ride to Chicago against his will, to yet another hospital who has already said they didn’t know how to help him.

Isaiah has text a message “I’m in pain can’t sleep” this my friends, is all done ”In the best interest of the child”

The “Medical Kidnapping” is reported to be scheduled for 6 a.m. CT December 5th. Get updates at Team Isaiah Facebook Page.

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