by Terri LaPoint
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Teenager Isaiah Rider has been back in the hospital for more than two weeks. He spent Thanksgiving in the hospital in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. However, the state of Illinois still has custody of him, and the hospital behind his “medical kidnapping,” Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, is still allegedly affecting his care, or lack thereof. They are reportedly blocking him from receiving help for his suffering, according to the Team Isaiah Facebook Page.

Team Isaiah has posted a heart-rending video of the extreme pain and seizures that Isaiah is experiencing. This is what landed him back in the hospital. A doctor in Kansas City was allegedly going by the reports from Lurie Children’s Hospital which have stated that Isaiah’s pain and seizures are all in his head.

According to Team Isaiah Facebook Page:

“Isaiah needs help. 15 days of suffering and torture. Hours and hours and days and days and this is okay? IL is trying to block him from getting real help. IL is trying to send him back to Luries who caused all this or hospitals who haven’t helped in the past. Isaiah has made it CLEAR he does not want to go back to your horrible hospital Lurie’s or go back to Chicago where bad things happened or taken from his family again . Why is IL blocking Isaiah from getting real help??”

The video, which is similar to other videos posted in the past recording Isaiah’s seizures in the stump where his leg was amputated, shows very real pain and involuntary movements. Yet he is not receiving effective medical treatment according to family and friends.

Many are asking, “how can this be tolerated?”

His family has expressed the desire to transfer him to a different hospital in another state which has experience in dealing with the rare medical condition he has. Isaiah has been diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a rare condition which causes painful tumors on the nerves. The hospital he is currently in does not have experience with this and is allowing him to suffer, according to family and friends.

Advocates have reported that nurses have watched his pain in tears, because he was in so much pain while the doctor in charge discontinued a treatment that was helping. That doctor has allegedly been removed from Isaiah’s care by the hospital administration.

Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago does have experience with Isaiah’s condition, and even has clinical trials going on. However, according to Team Isaiah Facebook Page:

“Isaiah Rider who has undisputed medical conditions was ripped from his mothers arms while in the ICU at Lurie Children’s hospital in Chicago.”

When Isaiah’s mother, Michelle, did what any other mother would do and begged them to help his pain stop, they accused her of causing the problems, saying that they were all in his head.

“His mother wanted help for her son, she wanted a second opinion, a transfer to another medical facility which was recommended. Isaiah wasn’t provided the parental protection he received from his mother when he was thrown into foster care, a stranger’s home in a very bad area on the south side of Chicago. The terrible things that happen to Isaiah while he was there have forever changed his life. This was all done in the name of ‘protection.'”

There are hospitals in other states that could help Isaiah, but his family says they are completely powerless to get him that help, because the state of Illinois retains custody of him and refuses to transfer him to one of those hospitals.

Here are phone numbers to contact people who have power to help Isaiah – Governor of Illinois Pat Quinn (217) 782-6830 or (312) 814-2121, Bobbie Gregg, Acting DCFS Director (217) 785-2509 or (312) 814-6800.

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