Phoenix Children’s Hospital and DCS reportedly seized custody of Christopher Reign Brown on June 25, 2013, taking custody away from his legal mother, Tonya Brown. Tonya and family members claim this was a “medical kidnap” simply because they disagreed with doctors and wanted to seek other options for his dangerous cancer treatment, a bone marrow transplant with no family member donor. Full Story here.

Tonya has a court hearing in Family Court on Friday November 14th. This court hearing could sever her relationship to her son permanently.

Advocates for the family have organized a rally for the family at the Court House:

Date: Friday November 14th

Time: 8:30 a.m. – Press conference with Tonya and Guests

Place: Juvenile Court Center – Durango
3131 West Durango
Phoenix, Arizona 85009

Please spread the word and join the rally to show your support! Bring your signs!