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In a story of an alleged medical kidnapping in Texas first reported by Health Impact News, CBS 7 in west Texas interviewed the mother of the 4 month old baby that a local hospital seized after the mother raised concerns about the care she was receiving. Here is the interview:

We applaud Lauren Lanmon and CBS 7 for giving the parents a voice in speaking out against medical child kidnapping. Show your support by visiting their website and by reading their report.

They need to know that these are the kinds of stories the media should be publishing in order to stand up for the rights of parents who are having their children seized by doctors and CPS, simply for wanting to seek a second opinion on the care of their child. Seeing a lot of traffic to the story will help them know this is an important issue to be addressed, and that the public wants to know about these issues.

Watch the YouTube video above as well, and make it the #1 watched video on their YouTube channel.

It was a local beat reporter in Connecticut, Beau Berman of FoxCT, that originally broke the Justina Pelletier story of medical kidnapping at Boston Children’s Hospital that became a huge national story. So we need to support these local reporters in doing a very important and necessary job of exposing these cases and letting the families tell their story.

Thank you Lauren Lanmon!

Learn more about baby Kathryn.


There is a Facebook Page to support Baby Kathyrn here.

Lorie updated the situation on her last allowed visit with her baby:

So happy I finally got to see my baby girl today! Breaks my heart to leave her there! I am very concerned and worried about her! Her cry is extremely I mean extremely weak.

She seemed sedated again like she is back on a lot of medications or something again?!

Don’t know what’s going on in her medical care.

And as you can see in some of the pictures some of this is completely uncalled for.
She didn’t even know how to grasp or reach for a toy or to bring a teething ring to her mouth. It’s sad she was developing way ahead at home! She is almost 5 months now.

Kathryn-skin-rash Kathryn-skin-rash-2

Just want my baby home!

After the visit we went to get diapers for the twins. I seen so many age appropriate baby toys and blankies booties and headbands and made me cry again because I want to be able to do things for my little girl and give her things and love on her.

Miss her and want her home!

Bring Kathryn Home Facebook Page.