Judge Nancy Vernon photo

Judge Nancy Vernon – Image Source. Contact Info.

by Health Impact News/Medical Kidnap.com staff

A woman identifying herself as Debora HOLCHIN has contacted Health Impact News stating that Judge Nancy Vernon has ordered that all photos and Internet stories about the Byler children in Pennsylvania are to be removed.

See our original story here:

Medical Kidnap of Children from Former Amish Mother Reveals History of Abuse in One Pennsylvania Amish Community

Our original story was published on December 11, 2016.

Ms. Holchin also supplied MedicalKidnap.com with a copy of the alleged court order, which is reproduced below. Elizabeth Mason is apparently the name of the former Amish mother before marrying her current husband, Rudy Byler.

Debora HOLCHIN is also apparently the woman referred to as “Betsy” in the original story. She stated to Health Impact News/MedicalKidnap.com:

This is a FALSE STORY. She was given a court order to get all of this off the internet Story & pictures it has also been turned over to the DA”s office… [sic]

Judge Vernon Court Order Pennsyvania

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Supporters have set up a Facebook group that other supporters are welcome to join called Justice 4 the Bylers.

Byler FB page

A petition to help Elizabeth get her children back, Non-Amish Woman Steals Children from Amish-Born Woman, is here.

The Governor of Pennsylvania is Tom Wolf at 717-772-2500.  He can be contacted here.  His Facebook page is here.

Here are the legislators for the Bylers’ district:

Senator Michelle Brooks is at 717-781-1322.  She may be contacted here.

Representative Tedd Nesbit is at 717-783-6438. He may be contacted here.

Fayette County Children and Youth Services Director Gina D-Auria is at 724-430-1283. She may be contacted here.

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