Canadian Doctors Speak Out Against Government COVID Restrictions – Masks and Vaccines Not Needed!

Stop fearing the Coronavirus, the new COVID "variants" are a hoax, let children go back to normal activities, take off your mask, and avoid the experimental COVID "vaccines." This is the message being conveyed to the public by a group of doctors in Canada with Canadian Health Alliance, which issued a press release and video this week, opposing the Government's response to COVID. Here is what they are demanding be stopped immediately: · Lockdowns and physical distancing · Promoting the use of masks · Handwashing and cleaning surfaces with toxic disinfectants · Quarantines of asymptomatic people and social isolation · Using RT-PCR testing on people · Advocating inadequately tested gene-modifying COVID-19 vaccinations (insufficient human and animal trials) · Unnecessary COVID-19 policies at hospitals and other health care facilities · Business closures or restrictions · Restrictions on churches and places of worship · Closures of public facilities including schools, playgrounds, parks and recreational facilities · Misrepresentation of the COVID situation in the media · The use of fear and other psychological coercion techniques