The Coronavirus “Pandemic” that started in 2020 now enters its third year. Which of these two men are more powerful? Which of these two men are still setting policy on COVID-19? EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS / POOL Image source.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The COVID-19 “pandemic” is now entering its 3rd year, and Anthony Fauci has announced a new variant he wants everyone to be afraid of, and says he needs more money because everyone is going to need a 4th COVID-19 booster shot, and masks and other measures are probably going to return.

The U.S. could soon see Covid-19 cases rise again and vulnerable people are likely to need a fourth vaccine dose, one of President Joe Biden’s top health advisers warned as the White House calls for more money to fight the pandemic.

Anthony Fauci, the longtime head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a Biden adviser, said U.K. officials are already warning him of an increase there driven by the BA.2 sub-variant, easing restrictions and waning protection from vaccines, and that the U.S. tends to be a few weeks behind case curves in the U.K.

“We have all three of those factors right now in this country,” Fauci said in an interview Thursday. “I would predict that we are going to see a bit of an increase, or at least a flattening out and plateauing of the diminution of cases. And the question is how do we deal with that.”

The administration is calling on Congress to approve new funding to head off a fresh crisis, continue certain programs and buy new vaccines and treatments.

The funding is also crucial to continue clinical trials of booster shots and work on developing pan-coronavirus vaccines, Fauci said. The White House has sought $22.5 billion in funding, warning that it will soon have to wind down programs and can’t buy more therapeutic treatments.

Without new funding, “a lot of things are going to stop. It really will be a very serious situation,” Fauci said. “It just is almost unconscionable.”

Fauci spoke Thursday to House Democrats during the weekly Democratic Whip meeting, at the invitation of Whip Jim Clyburn, outlining the administration’s needs.

The U.S. has not ordered enough shots to give all Americans a fourth dose if needed, officials said earlier this week.

The U.S. will need to be flexible, including potentially returning to recommending the use of masks in certain settings, Fauci said. (Full article.)

As we have previously published numerous times here at Health Impact News, these “variants” can be created at any time to instill fear into the public by using the faulty PCR Test.

If you have not yet seen filmmaker Rai Gbrym’s documentary on the PCR Test fraud, here it is again, because this show is going to be re-run over and over and over again to keep the COVID-19 story going for as long as people keep falling for this deception.

This is from our Bitchute Channel.

This would almost be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious. The world is on the brink of WWW III and a complete collapse of the financial system, and China has already locked down 51 million people due to their new case “outbreak” which will certainly contribute to the supply chain disaster.

World Economy Braces For Supply Chain Chaos As COVID Closes China

by ZeroHedge News

The global economy is in disarray as the war in Ukraine unleashed a commodity shock with increasing risks of stagflation. Adding to the turmoil is an outbreak of COVID-19 in China that may unleash another supply chain crisis.

News from China over the last day shows a new outbreak of the highly contagious omicron variant has infected more than 5,000 people, the most since the early days of the pandemic in early 2020. China’s zero-tolerance approach has shuttered factories and placed some 51 million people into some form of lockdown.

Read the full article at ZeroHedge News.

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