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Catherine Austin Fitts is the president of Solari, Inc., publisher of the Solari Report, and managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC.

Catherine served as managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration, and was the president of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc.

Catherine has designed and closed over $25 billion of transactions and investments to-date and has led portfolio and investment strategy for $300 billion of financial assets and liabilities.

Catherine graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (BA), the Wharton School (MBA) and studied Mandarin Chinese at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She blogs for the Solari Report at

She was recently interviewed for the coming documentary “Planet Lockdown” where she discussed how the Globalists are using the COVID lockdowns and other measures to move the world to a replacement of all currencies as we know them, where the Globalists seek to control every aspect of our lives with a “social credit system,” much like what exists in China today.

She reveals the transhumanist agenda for the “Great Reset,” which is to make slaves of all of us, and then explains how we can all stop the Globalist agenda.

Her interview is the perfect first article for Health Impact News readers as we begin 2021 to understand what the Globalists have in store for us, and what we need to do to stop it. I will interject some of my own comments as I transcribe some of her comments.

This may very well be the most important video you watch in 2021. It was recorded less than two weeks ago, and already has more than 1 million views on YouTube. (We will replace it if it disappears.)

The Great Reset and the “End of all Currencies as we Know Them”

Catherine begins the interview by explaining what is The Great Reset, and how it will eventually bring an end to the U.S. dollar as the world’s main currency, and be the end of all currencies as we know them as the Central banks introduce a cashless society with a social credit system like China.

She states:

What COVID19 is, is the institution of controls necessary to convert the planet from democratic process to technocracy.

So what we’re watching is a change in control, and an engineering of new control systems.

So think of this as a coup d’etat rather than a virus.

The transhumanism agenda will implement “social credit scores,” as Central banks start controlling all of your financial transactions if you don’t behave.

I would describe this as a “slavery system.” So we’re talking about shifting out of freedom, where we have freedom to roam, and freedom to say what we want, into a complete control system 24/7, including mind control.

Where is this going?

Technology gives you the ability to institute a complete control system. And further centralize economic and political control.

A New More Encompassing Form of Human Slavery

Transhumanism leads to human slavery (the original slave trade ended because banks could not collect their collateral when the slaves were sold or ran away):

The history of the world is slavery is the most profitable business. It’s more profitable than mining, it’s more profitable than narcotics, I mean it’s more profitable than all of the addictions.

So if you now have the technological capability of implementing slavery…. their attitude is, OK, let’s do it.

Technology also makes it much easier for a small group of people to get together and be very powerful.

So for example, if they bring in breakthrough energy technology, the danger is a small group of crazy people can weaponize it.

So technology is powerful. The more powerful technology you integrate the more danger there is you lose control.

If you now have biotechnology that allows Mr. Global to live for 150 years, you can’t keep that secret. If the wealthier are living for 150 years and we’re not, you can’t keep that a secret.

So why not downsize the population. Integrate robots, use robotics for everything, and you can have a very wealthy and luxurious life without all the management headaches.

The Globalists Fear Us

You have to remember that Mr. Global is very very afraid of the general population.

Several times I’ve been told that the leadership in the United States has gotten together to discuss “how can we undo the secrecy?”

And each time they come to the conclusion it’s impossible. You can’t undo the secrecy because the liabilities are too enormous.

So if you’re the swamp and you’re guilty of all the different things the swamp is guilty of, and you try and open the window on the secrecy, you run tremendous risks.

So you’re afraid of the general population. And the history of governance is the general population occasionally does turn and kill the leadership.

So there are 325 million people in America and there are more guns.

This is why the 2nd Amendment is such a fractious issue. Most people around the world don’t understand why people in America are so rabid about owning guns.

I learned this principle that Catherine is talking about with Government and Billionaire Big Pharma multi-national corporations having to maintain their secrets and label anyone who dares to expose them as “conspiracy theorists” back in the early 2000s, when I became the first one to import Virgin Coconut Oil into the U.S. from the Philippines.

I was accused by those who followed the USDA dietary guidelines as selling a natural product, one that had been consumed for thousands of years in the Philippines and other tropical countries, as something that was dangerous to one’s health simply because it was a saturated fat which allegedly led to heart disease.

But on the contrary, after having lived in the Philippines for several years and watching how healthy the elderly population was in the rural areas where coconut oil was their sole dietary oil, I began my own research and found out the whole lipid theory of heart disease, and the demonization of saturated fats, was based on bogus science that benefited the seed oil industry in the U.S., primarily soybean oil and corn oil, two dietary oils that had never been in the human food stream until expeller-pressed technology developed during WWII allowed one to extract oil from these two, highly subsidized, cash crops.

When we reintroduced coconut oil as a dietary oil into the U.S. market, people’s lives were dramatically changed for the better, and as we began to publish their testimonies, along with solid peer-reviewed medical studies on the benefits of medium chain fatty acids, the FDA attacked us and tried to shut us down as selling “unapproved drugs” that they had not approved.

And the secret that was being hidden with this lipid theory of heart disease was that Big Pharma wanted to put all Americans on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

The truth about these dangerous statin drugs and the debilitating effects on human health by artificially lowering one’s cholesterol is well-known in the scientific literature now, but the USDA and FDA’s position on saturated fats has not changed.

The reason for this, of course, is that Lipitor was the best-selling drug of all time, raking in BILLIONS for Pfizer until its patent eventually ran out. To now admit they were wrong about the lipid theory of heart disease would be to admit that Pfizer destroyed the health of millions of people with their statin drugs.

Of course Pfizer, a criminal organization who has had some of the largest criminal settlements with the Department of Justice for fraud, is doing the same thing today with their mRNA COVID experimental vaccines.

Two different visions of the world

Catherine explains how the Globalists with their transhuman agenda have a completely different view of the world than those who believe we have individual worth bestowed upon us by our Creator.

You have two different visions of the world.

My vision of the world is that humans are sovereign individuals whose freedom comes by divine authority. That is what the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution all revolve around.

The image of a sovereign individual as someone who is free by divine authority.

In the vision of technocracy, a human is a natural resource, like an oil deposit. And to be used as such.

So they’re not a sovereign individual, they’re labor. And they are either more efficient or less efficient than a robot at different functions.

Who controls this technocratic group that controls the world?

Well that’s the great mystery, and that’s why I call this group Mr. Global.

My personal experiences with many different people in that group and factions… But ultimately, I can’t tell you who really controls.

What I will tell you is the planet is run by force. And so ultimately the question is, who is the most powerful gun?

And that comes down to space. Who has the most powerful space presence and space weapons?

As well as who controls the sea lanes. So traditionally control behind the reserve currency came from control of the sea lanes.

But as we have moved into space it’s now become control of both the sea lanes and the satellite lanes.

And the question is who controls what, and who has what weapons?

And the answer is “we don’t know.”

What we do know, is part of the competition right now between China and America, is that the player who has most dominant position in space, has the power to control the whole planet.

The Frailty and Weakness of the Globalist Agenda that We All Helped to Build

If we’re talking about a transhumanist system, in short a slavery system, most of us have been supporting it and financing it and building it.

So when I look at all the Big Pharma executives – why are they building a system where their own children or grandchildren will be slaves?

Why are the central banks doing it?

You know there’s a theory in America for many years among sort of money classes that if I make enough money, I can get a waiver. I can get out of it. I can eat organic food and not eat the GMOs, and my grandkids won’t have to take the vaccines.

But if you look at who’s implementing all these different activities, you know we’re building our own slavery system.

And that means we have the power to stop.

In other words, we don’t have to finance the companies that are doing this. We don’t have to work for the companies that are doing this.

And in fact we don’t even have to pay our taxes, because the government is breaking all the laws to financial management.

We have the ability to hold them accountable.

So we’re building the prison and we’re financing the prison, and that gives us the power to stop.

And that’s why it is so important that we see where the system is going. There will be no exceptions.

So the solutions (are) number 1, bring transparency to what’s happening, understand where the system is going, and then stop building it.

If you work for Big Pharma and you’re building, stop! Go find something else to do. Like build local fresh food systems so you will have food.

We’re going to have to rebuild the economy bottom up, if we don’t want to be highly centralized.

Once upon a time I was in Washington. I was writing a check on my JP Morgan Chase private bank account.

And in the meantime I was involved in 12 different tracks of litigation, litigating with the people who were trying to engineer the housing bubble. I was trying to stop the housing bubble from happening.

And I was writing a check on my JP Morgan Chase personal bank account, and I realized: Why am I banking at the bank that’s doing this criminality, that’s destroying communities, that’s doing predatory lending?

And I said, you know I need to come clean. I need to stop banking there.

If tomorrow everybody woke up in America, and stopped banking at JP Morgan Chase and said, you know something, you’re all criminals and I want nothing to do with you. We’re out.

And then went to a local credit union or community bank, it would be a revolution. It would be a total revolution.

If 20 women turned to Big Pharma executives and said: “You know something? You’re disgusting. No sex. Bye.”

It would be a revolution.

So, we have the power to change this. But we’re all going to have to come clean, because almost all of us are complicit in implementing this.

It’s not them. It’s us.

The solution is for every one of us to come clean.

You’re either for the transhumanist slavery system, or you’re for a human system.

But if you’re for a human system, you’re going to have to find a way to make money and engage socially in a human system, and stop building a transhuman system.

Catherine also gives an amazing analysis of the race riots in 2020, revealing that they were most likely part of an overall plan by the Federal Reserve and the Big Tech Billionaires to acquire real estate in key cities where there are branches of the Federal Reserve.

Watch the full video. It is 48 and half minutes long, but once it starts you will find it so engaging that you will find it hard to stop…

(After more than 2.5 million views and trending upward, YouTube removed it. Here is a copy from our Bitchute Channel.)


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