by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The corporate-funded “mainstream” media works hard every day attempting to control the narrative of what they want Americans and people around the world to believe are the most serious issues facing us today, which according to the Wall Street-funded media is the Coronavirus “pandemic” and the U.S. Presidential elections.

Any attempts outside of their control to publish truth about other issues are being censored and squashed, primarily through their accomplices in Big Tech and the major social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s YouTube.

Interestingly, in recent days the corporate media has focused hard on trying to discredit the QAnon movement, which has pretty much been a part of the American scene for the past 4 years, just shortly after Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States.

Not only are they apparently feeding the major news networks propaganda to spread about what they want the public to believe about QAnon, it seems that the recent purge of hundreds of popular YouTube channels representing millions of viewers also had one common theme: they were exposing child trafficking, the main topic of the QAnon movement.

So after ignoring the QAnon movement for the most part during the past 4 years, what has changed now?

Whatever it is, it must be serious.

“Amazing Polly,” one of the channels removed last week on YouTube, published her second video since being banned from YouTube last week, and revealed that her ban on YouTube was only one of the many things that happened to her last week.

She has also had her PayPal account shut down, the primary way she had of earning income and accepting donations from people who supported her work. And many other things have happened to her all at the same time, too much to just be a coincidence, suggesting that she is being targeted in an effort to silence her.

Polly admits that she has covered many of the same topics on child sex trafficking that those in the QAnon movement have also exposed, even though she claims that she herself is not part of the QAnon movement. She states that she has never “trusted the plan” that QAnon believers so religiously proclaim, but did her own independent research to verify facts and report on what the real issues are among the Globalists and their efforts to establish a New World Order.

Here is her latest video:

Was the Adrenochrome Market Just Exposed? Is this the Reason the Corporate Media is Attacking QAnon All of a Sudden?

The Podesta email dump by Wikileaks back in 2016 has pretty much defined President Trump’s first term, but most of the public only knows the corporate media’s spin on it, as it was used to try and impeach President Trump over allegedly colluding with Russia, and now the political Right is using it to investigate former President Obama’s team for illegally spying on Trump.

But what was swept under the rug as a “conspiracy theory” was “Pizza Gate” – details in the Podesta leaked emails of the underground child trafficking network that implicates most of the rich and powerful in all sectors of society.

Here at Health Impact News, we have been reporting on the problem of child trafficking long before the Podesta leaked emails and the 2016 elections, and we have an entire website devoted to the topic:

While we applaud those in the QAnon movement who have done real research to expose the evils of child trafficking, believing that one person can solve this problem just because he holds the highest political office in the nation, is foolish and unwarranted.

I can say that confidently now, because we now have 4 years of history to look back on and see that this problem of child trafficking has not been solved, and the most famous and most powerful pedophiles in the world today still have not been brought to justice.

The problem has actually become worse, thanks to COVID and the tyrannical power-grabs currently happening to further implement a medical police state.

This didn’t just happen overnight, of course. The plan has been in place and operating for years now, which includes legal immunity for vaccines that get pumped into America’s children at a rate never before seen since the 1986 National Vaccine Compensation Program was implemented.

It includes the new Pediatric sub-specialty started around 2009 or so of the Child Abuse Specialist, who can now order children removed from their parents for anything them deem as “abuse” or “neglect” all in the name of medicine and these new “doctor-priests.”

So after 4 years of basically ignoring the QAnon movement, why is the corporate media now suddenly giving it a lot of attention and trying to discredit it?

In August of this year (2020) I published a report on the drug “Adrenochrome” which is made from the blood harvested from children, as this market was getting major media attention outside the U.S. in some places, mainly in Turkey where it was reported on one of their major networks.

Here is the excerpt of that report:

What was once taboo to discuss and was formerly relegated to the “conspiracy theories” parts of the darkest places on the Internet, is now becoming mainstream: the harvesting of blood from children and babies and marketing products derived from them to allegedly help people stay young, and theoretically give them immortality.

Today, August 20, 2020, Netflix is launching a new science “fiction” drama called “Biohackers.”

The Sun published a review of the series earlier this week:

“WOULD you like to live forever?

From daily sessions in sub-zero cryo-chambers to stem cell injection and transfusions of teenagers’ BLOOD, their bizarre attempts to become superhuman have fuelled a multi-million dollar industry.

It may sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but there’s a growing band of Silicon Valley billionaires who believe they can achieve eternal life through “biohacking” – the process of making alterations to your body to keep it younger.

Netflix’s new drama Biohackers, released on Thursday, (Aug 20) seizes on the terrifying trend by imagining a secretive lab where a young student, played by Luna Wedler, discovers a sinister experiment using the techniques on an entire town.

Here we meet the real Silicon Valley biohackers – the men who want to be immortal.”

As the press review of this new Netflix drama reveals, this is NOT science fiction. It has been happening for years now.

In fact, the practice of harvesting blood plasma from children and babies, called “young blood,” has apparently been so widespread, that the FDA had to issue a warning about it last year.

But there is an even darker form of “young blood” called Adrenochrome, which is allegedly produced from the “adrenalized blood” of infants that are murdered during Satanic Ritualistic Abuse.

At the end of June, 2020, a mainstream Turkish television news broadcast decided to expose Adrenochrome, a drug said to be used by the rich and famous.

Read the full article:

The Marketing of Children’s Blood: Adrenochrome Goes Mainstream on Turkish TV News

A couple of weeks ago, reports starting circulating through the QAnon movement that a German individual had received a thumb drive that had a data dump revealing documents about the underground Adrenochrome production network, including detention centers where children were kept in confinement to harvest their blood to make the drug.

Since there is no way to really check and see if this information is legitimate and verify it, I am not going to publish these documents as they include names and photos of people, places, and other sources – none of which I can verify.

One of the QAnon followers has translated the original German letter and also published some of the documents in two videos on, which so far has resisted all attempts at censorship and has become the most popular platform to migrate to once one is banned from YouTube.

Her two videos are:

Adrenechrome Extraction from children Part 1

Adrenechrome Harvesting part 2

There is nothing illegal about watching these two videos for yourself, and making up your own mind about the potential veracity of the documents shown, and claims made, even though the corporate media and their accomplices in Big Tech hate it when you get to read or watch something they do not approve of, where you can actually weigh the evidence and make up your own mind.

I cannot verify this information, as it would be nearly impossible to do so, but since this information has been on the Internet for a couple of weeks now, very likely others have reported this to law enforcement, such as the FBI, and others have most likely begun to investigate this as well.

It would also coincide with the sudden corporate media’s efforts to discredit the QAnon movement.

While I have not personally downloaded this latest data dump that claims to expose the Adrenochrome market (be careful, it could be a trap or setup), there is plenty of evidence to show that this network exists without these documents.

Having studied these issues for the better part of a decade now, long before Trump came into power, I have no doubts that there is a world-wide child trafficking network where children today are the most valuable commodity being marketed around the world, using mainly the government funded Foster Care and Adoption network, and with children being trafficked for very evil purposes, such as using children against their will for new drug trials, for sex trafficking to pedophiles, and for Satanic Ritualistic abuse, which includes harvesting their blood to create Adrenochrome.

The corporate media is controlled and run by these people, and if you want to understand how the entire world could be put on lockdown, masked, and controlled by fear, then this is the issue you need to understand.

Because they are betting that you won’t. They are betting that you will just be fixated on either hating Trump or hating Biden – it doesn’t matter which side you choose, as long as you don’t understand what is happening to these children to fulfill their evil plans and desires.


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