Raymond Schwab Christmas Eve plea

Raymond Schwab pleads for his children on Christmas Eve. Source: YouTube.

UPDATE 12/27/2017

The Schwab children are HOME!

Schwab kids home 12 27 2017

Amelia Schwab (bottom left) basks in the presence of her children. Also present are advocates Jennifer Winn and AlmaAnn Klaassen-Jones who fought tirelessly for this day. Photo source – Jennifer Winn.

Update 12/26/2017

The sweetest words that can be heard by any parent whose children were taken by Child Protective Services are:

The kids are coming home – TODAY!

Those are the words that have finally reached Raymond and Amelia Schwab’s ears this afternoon, the day after Christmas.

Amelia is on her way to pick up her children.

Their friend and fierce advocate Jennifer Winn, former gubernatorial candidate for the state of Kansas, posted the news on her Facebook page shortly before 2 p.m. local time:

The order is signed…it is done…the Schwab children are going home!!!

This could not have happened with out some pretty incredible people…Casey Yingling, Michael Minardi, Jen Chaffee, Connie Reguli, therapist Connie Suderman and Loretta Jasper, Terri LaPoint, Meko Haze, AlmaAnn Klaassen-Jones and last but not least…all of you that stand for truth and justice.

Without these key people and your constant support…these children would continue to live in abuse with lies and manipulation and not be with their parents who have stopped at nothing to fight for them.

I will be doing a live update tomorrow as I finally get to meet the children that I already love!!!!!!

#kidsaregoinghome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raymond Schwab sent that message to Health Impact News reporter Terri LaPoint, with these words:

We did it Terri. We did it. Amelia’s packing up the kids as we speak.

Every person who made phone calls, wrote letters, contacted legislators, shared the stories, and prayed has played a part in the Schwab family’s victory. No family should ever have to experience what they have gone through.

Now, it is time for them to heal. They will begin the process of rebuilding and dealing with the trauma of abuse that the children experienced in “protective” state custody and the trauma from the separation from their parents and each other.

But for today, they will embrace and rejoice that they are back together. The children will sleep safely in their own beds in their own home, knowing that their mommy is no longer far away.

by Health Impact News/MedicalKidnap.com Staff

It is Christmas Eve, and the Schwab children were supposed to be home for Christmas. They are not.

Earlier this month, a judge assured Navy Veteran Raymond Schwab and his wife Amelia that their children would be coming home in time for the holidays, but in a heart-wrenching turn of events, efforts to get them home have been thwarted by the children’s attorney ad litem.

The role of the ad litem is to advocate for “the best interest of the children,” but the children have called their mother in tears because their foster parents told them that they aren’t going home. They obviously don’t agree with their court-appointed representative about what constitutes their best interest.


Raymond and Amelia with all of their children, before DCF involvement. Photo provided by family.

They were never abused or neglected at home, but there is a great deal of evidence that they have suffered abuse in foster care.

Now their Christmas hopes of being home and together again have been cruelly dashed. This is their 3rd Christmas apart, and Christmas day is young Asher’s birthday. Child Protective Services has, once again, stolen the Christmas wishes from the children.

Raymond Schwab took to YouTube this afternoon to plead with the public to help them to get their children home.

Raymond Schwab wrote this commentary on the YouTube video, which includes numbers to reach officials who can make a difference.

Again…Kansas officials delay the transfer of the Schwab Children.

Please call and demand the Schwab children be set free. Be respectful…let them Know what state and country you are calling from.

Email the medical Kidnap article to everyone you know.

Use the email addresses below..stand with us!!!

Email this video Plea to all the emails Below!!

  • Riley County Court: Division 1 Judge Bosch

(785) 537-6371

  • Rep Jarrod Ousley (Kansas DCF Over Sight committee)

(785) 296-7366


  • Senator Laura Kelly (Kansas DCF Oversite committee)



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