Angelia Borths

Angelia Borths – “Mad Angel” – Photo source: Angelia’s Facebook page.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

May is National Foster Care Month, and as many of our readers know, foster care is often not in the “best interests” of children. Too often, children are ripped from loving homes over false allegations or absurd reasons and placed in homes with strangers. Health Impact News has reported numerous stories of children who are placed into foster care who never should have been removed from their families. The system they are placed within often fails to protect those children, and instead often causes great harm, as former foster child Angelia Borths explains.

Angelia Borths had her children seized by Child Protective Services and placed into foster care once simply because her 6 year old daughter was “too short.” Though the headline looked like it could have been ripped from a satire or spoof website, it was all too real.

Fortunately, Angelia, or “Mad Angel” as she is known to thousands of her followers online, was able to regain custody of her children after the case with the absurd allegations was dropped.

See her story:

Medical Kidnap? Mother Loses 3 Children Because “Daughter is Too Short”

As reported in that article, Angelia spent part of her own childhood in foster care. She has seen Child Protective Services and foster care from the perspective of a child within the system, as a parent whose children were legally and medically kidnapped, and as a fierce advocate for families who scours the news and researches deeply to find information to help families and expose the many faults in the Child Protective Services system. The foster care system beat her down, but she has been determined not to let it destroy her. Those who know her see a victor with a ready smile and contagious laughter, despite all the hardships she has experienced.

“Mad Angel” has been actively involved in exposing the injustices of the broken system for many years and has been an inspiration and a source of strength for thousands of families who have been involved in fighting for their children. She frequently writes powerful and informative posts on Facebook, and is a founding member of the advocacy group “Mad Angels Army.”

One of the purposes of the group, founded earlier in 2016, is “to gather and create an army of advocates and victims to become ONE, LARGE, LOUD, UNITED, POWERFUL voice that cannot be ignored.”

Mad Angels Army meme

Mad Angels Army meme.

She recently reposted a scathing expose’ on the foster care system that she originally wrote on May 5, 2014, with regards to Foster Care Month. The piece is based on her extensive experience and research, and we are reprinting it with permission in its entirety:

I’m here to correct the misconceptions or false claims from CPS (Child Protective Services).

For years I’ve watched in horror as children and foster children have tried to stand up to their abusers; tried to get anyone, the public, to hear their cries. Sadly I also watched as the abusers described these children’s words as meaningless, attention seekers and trouble makers. And the public believed the word of the abuser over the truth and the reality of the child’s words.

Pedophile, child rapist, child murderers, child abusers, child sex traffickers – there I’ve said the words that make you cringe, that make you want to pull back and hide and pretend it isn’t happening. Those are the words that I’ve shown to be associated with people in authority. Preachers, judges, lawyers, doctors, teachers, foster and adoptive parents and above all CHILD PROTECTION WORKERS.

Sadly those horrific words are ones that children placed in their care can not just pull away from. They can not ask for help, they can not tell the nearest adult. (Who would believe them?)

Amazing, strong willed children have stepped forward begging and pleading for some sort of relief from these agencies and authority figures, but their words are belittled and pushed aside as some authority figure stands in the public eye with all their awards and self proclaimed good deeds to reassure everyone that the child is OK, and things will be done to assure their safety.

False words and empty promises, that’s what you’ve placed all your hope, trust and belief into. When you see on the news Child Protective Services claims to rescue some child from abuse you actually believe this is good news. But if you cared to follow the hell CPS actually puts these children through you wouldn’t be cheering for them like you do.

As 58% of the children are drugged, 9 out of 10 former foster kids talk about extreme abuse while in care. Many of them isolated and not actually given what they need to succeed. They end up homeless within months of aging out.

Angry at the broken promises given to them and undereducated because of the constant moving from care to care, many turn to prostitution or crime.

Statistics have found 68% of prostitutes are former foster kids.

70% of former foster kids make up the prison population.

Oh yeah and those 58% of children drugged in care are now out on the streets as drug addicts.

Foster children are not cared for or protected as Child PROTECTIVE Services promises, (yet they are paid millions to do so). They are actually placed on CPS abuse and neglect registries for future purposes, because like CPS and my therapist told me daily in care “once you’re abused you will abuse.” (Meaning there is no hope for change? Then what’s the point of Child Protective Services intervention?)

We were the abused children CPS promised society they would help, but the only ones they’ve helped is themselves. They pat each other on the back for a job well done. They sob to the public for all their hard work and the horrors they’ve seen. But they haven’t seen anything like what we former and current foster children have seen and suffered.

We are the lower class citizen in the public eye thanks to the way we’ve been treated by the ones meant to protect and help us.

We are what we’ve been taught from CPS…

So former foster children (abused children) have become the homeless, the prisoners, the sex traffic slaves, the prostitutes, the drug addicts and the welfare cases. We have been forced into a perpetual abuse by CPS.

We live most our lives in secret, no one knowing what we’ve been through and then finally to die isolated and lonely because it’s what we’ve been taught to do.

And what’s saddest of all is that not all former foster kids are destined for this fate because the few LUCKY children will continue to fight against all odds or get LUCKY to actually be placed with decent foster parents.

What a sad chance for opportunity when a child’s fate rests solely on LUCK. ~ Mad Angel

To learn more about Mad Angels Army, see What is MadAngelsArmy? The Facebook page is here.