7 Children Kidnapped by State of Arkansas from Homeschool Family to Remain in State Custody

It will be at least "6 more weeks of kidnapping" for the 7 homeschooled, homebirthed Stanley children, according to their father. Hal and Michelle Stanley were given no warning that their court hearing scheduled for February 12 would be abruptly postponed until March 23. They say they were not given any explanation as to why the hearing was postponed. They had been under the impression that their children would be coming home after the hearing, and had held onto the hope that the crazy situation would be resolved, and their family would be reunited. The pain in their voices was palpable as they expressed their disappointment and grief over the postponement. The father explains to Health Impact News that they are only allowed to visit with their children a few hours a week, under strict supervision. There has to be two observers, and if they talk about things they are not supposed to discuss with their children, the visit is cut short. As a condition to these supervised visits, Hal and Michelle must attend "parenting classes," even though they have homeschooled their children for many years.

Judge Refuses to Allow Stanley Family Children to Go Home – Issues Gag Order

A judge in Arkansas Juvenile Court has refused to allow the Stanley children to go home, and has issued a gag order on the family. Listen to the parents address the public prior to being issued a gag order.

Mom of 7 Homeschoolers in Arkansas Taken by Authorities Speaks Out

Michelle Stanley, the mother of the 7 homeschool children who were taken away by authorities in Arkansas, spoke to the media this week prior to their custody hearing: "We've been doing the best we can to go from day to day. We can't sleep, we can't eat." She warns Americans that what has happened to them, could happen to anyone in America today.

Arkansas Takes Away 7 Homeschool Children because Father had Unapproved Mineral Supplement

Relatives of the Stanley family in Garland County, Arkansas have reached out to MedicalKidnap.com to notify the public that the 7 homeschool children of Hal and Michelle Stanley were removed during the night by DHS and fully armed sheriffs this past week, simply because they reportedly found a supplement in the home that was not approved by the FDA. The mother sent an emotional email to family and friends describing what happened. Some quotes: "It was freezing cold and neither Hal or I had on coats. After stepping outside they issued us a search warrant and said we could not enter our house or talk to our kids until the search and the investigation was through. We could not go get a coat, we could not call a lawyer, we could not retrieve anything inside like a phone or a camera to record anything or call anyone. It was almost 30 minutes later before they retrieved our coats for us to put on." "The call was anonymous and therefore the caller was protected while all our rights were taken away. We of course expressed all our concerns as to what this would do to the kids since they've never been to the doctor for sickness or health issues and they've never been away from us in that type of setting." "All the little kids were upset and Hal and I and the girls were all crying and in shock. When I did calm down for the kids' sake, and try to comfort them they ripped them away from us saying that we had already taken too much time and that they had to go. I still can't believe they are gone. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow or what comes next." If you currently have any supplement or non-pharmaceutical product in your home that you are using to treat a sickness or disease, they could come for your kids next.