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The Thriving Child Summit – FREE Online!

Thriving Child Summit [1]

The Thriving Child Summit [1] is a FREE online conference for parents who want to learn how to help their children THRIVE!

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Join holistic mama doc – Elisa Song, MD, for this inspirational, information-packed, 1-week event where she brings you video interviews with over 40 of the world’s leading experts in holistic health and wellness, integrative medicine, nutrition, parenting, and mind-body medicine who will show you how to help your children thrive to their fullest potentials.

Whether your child is healthy, or has a chronic health concern – learn how to integrate the best of conventional and holistic pediatric health care, lifestyle management, and parenting tools.

Become empowered to take charge of your child’s health and wellness holistically!

The Thriving Child Summit [1] is for YOU if you want to learn:

Thrive-day1 [1]Thrive-day2 [1]Thrive-day2-1 [1]

View the entire line-up of speakers and sign up online for FREE! [1]

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