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Health Impact News Launches New Social Media Platform

Health Impact News has announced that it has launched a new Social Media platform: The Health Impact News Communities [1].

The Online Communities of Health Impact News provide a new social platform that is secure and safe, networking like-minded people interested in topics not generally covered by the mainstream media.

Hosted entirely within the Health Impact News secure cloud, networking and secure chat is now possible with no personal data being collected and shared with advertisers or parties interested in knowing your identity.

To get started in harnessing the powerful social tools available in the Health Impact News Communities, one simply needs to register with an email address. Registration is completely free.

The current eight communities mirror the same eight topic areas covered in the Health Impact News network:

Health-Impact-News-Communities [1]

Articles published in these content areas can be commented on within these communities. Once one creates an account in the communities, powerful tools become available for the user to network with others, including:

The Health Impact News Communities FAQ [10]

Learn more about the new Health Impact Communities here [11].

Comment on this article on HealthImpactNews.com [12].

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