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N.Y. Parents Speak Out: ACS a “Fraudulent Entity” – Abuses and Takes Children Away from Families

NYC Parents FPA

Health Impact News

It has been well documented that Child Welfare Services across the country disproportionately targets poor families in removing children, when often their only “crime” is being poor. See:

The U.S. Foster Care System: Modern Day Slavery and Child Trafficking [1]

Families in New York City who have been abused by Child Protective Services (called ACS – Administration for Children’s Services – in NYC) have a local advocacy group they can turn to for support:

FPA Collage [2]

From the FPA Foundation’s website [2]:

FPA-Foundation is a national grassroots advocacy activist human and civil rights organization for  communities of color. We focus on foster care and other social justice issues that are impacting communities of color. We organize the community to take action on issues impacting our families and communities. Join our chapter and movement today and become a member. We will not be silent Our Voices will be heard.

Their mission statement [3]:

It is our mission to build the power and capacity of low-income people especially low income people of color to have significant impact in improving their communities and the policies and institutions that affect their lives. Help improve the quality of life for children in foster care. ​​We will be responsible for addressing the social service needs of the children in care, as well as people affected by the child welfare system.

FPA-Foundation is a activist advocacy organization that services the 5 boroughs. We help organize the community around social justice issues and people affected by the child welfare system. such as  Parents, foster parents, grandparents, fathers, and children.  We provide community advocates for foster youths and organize parents around injustices that they are having with the child welfare system. ​​

The Foundation has their own YouTube channel [4] where they regularly broadcast interviews with parents who tell their stories of how ACS has ruined their lives.

This video interviews several parents:


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